Oxford Taslan

Oxford Taslan is a combination of one of the best weaving technique (oxford) with a abrasion resistant and durable fabric named taslan.

Oxford weave:
(named after the British town) is a woven, strong cotton or cotton mix fabric in classic plain grid formation weave, the simplest and strongest kind of weave. The somewhat stronger warp and weft threads and loose bond make the fabric look rustic, soft and very durable.

Taslan fabric:
Taslan is made from textured polyamide fibers, which are produced by a special process and therefore are more durable than normal nylon.
Originally, it was a smooth fiber that is permanently curled using hot air. Taslan fabric have a higher abrasion resistance and softer grip than conventional polyamide fabric due to the altered fiber structure.

We use a mix of 55%taslan and 45% cotton. This is uncommon as you mostly find on the market 100% polyamide taslan jackets or 100% cotton oxford weave shirts, but after several test made, we think a mix of 55/45 offers the best balance between a soft cotton grip and abrasion, water and wind resistance.

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