Terms, Conditions & Inprint

§ 1

Scope and definition

1. These terms and conditions apply exclusively in its version at the time of placing the order for the business relationship of the Webshop Vendor (in the following “Vendor”) and the Client concluded on www.dunderdon.de. Deviating terms and conditions of the Client will not be accepted unless the Vendor explicitly accepts those in writing.

2. The Client is a customer in accordance with section 13 BGB (German Civil Law Code) if the purpose of the ordered consignment and performance is not related to his commercial or independent professional services. In the contrary natural or legal persons or partnerships with legal personality who or which, when entering into a legal transaction with the Vendor, act in exercise of his or its trade, business or profession is deemed to be an entrepreneur in the meaning of section 14 BGB.


§ 2

Offer and contract Conclusion

1. The representation of the product range on the homepage www.dunderdon.de (in the Following “Online shop”) is not a legally binding offer, but an invitation to treat. The Client may choose products out of the Vendor’s product range and collect them in the so called “Cart”. By clicking the button checkout the Client submits a legally binding offer in regard to the goods placed in the Cart.

2. An automatically generated conformation of receipt by email, in which the placed order is listed, only documents that the Vendor has received the offer placed by the Client. It is not an acceptance of that offer; a legally binding contract is not constructed hereby.

3. The contract is concluded by the submittal proposed by the Client on the one hand and the consignment respectively partial consignment of the ordered goods or the written acknowledgement of order which is separately sent by the Vendor. The Vendor is free to accept the order placed by the Client within two weeks after its submittal.  


§ 3

Consignment, stock availability

1. The Vendor will inform the Client in the acknowledgement of order if the ordered items should be out of stock. The Vendor will not issue an acknowledgment of offer and therefore not enter into a legally binding contract with the Client if the Items should be permanently out of stock.

2. The Vendor will also inform the Client in the acknowledgement of offer in case the ordered items are temporarily not available. The Client may withdraw from the contract if the delivery is deferred by more than two weeks. Apart from that the Vendor may also withdraw from the contract if the deferred delivery exceeds two weeks. The Vendor will reimburse the Client for any payments that he might have made without any delay. 

§ 4

Reservation of title

The goods remain the property of the Vendor until paid for in full by or in behalf of the Client.


§ 5

Prices and Shipping Costs

1. The prices stated on the website and the Web Shop include the statutory VAT which is applicable at the time of the contract formation.The stated purchasing prices are net of shipping costs. The correlating shipping costs are stated in the Web Shop and have to be paid by the Client in addition to the purchasing price unless the Client exercises his right of revocation in the meaning of sections 312 ff. BGB.

2. We ship insured by UPS or DHL. The risk of accidental destruction and accidental deterioration passes to the Client as soon as the Vendor has handed the goods to UPS or DHL. All shipment are insured.

3. The freight rate will be calculated by checkout depending of your country and before payment.

International orders are subject to duties, customs, and value added taxes. If you are shipping your order outside of Europe, as a condition of sale, you acknowledge, agree and assume all risk and responsibility for the import clearance, duties, and delivery to final destination. Be sure to verify the additional cost you may incure with the authorities of the country the order is being shipped to.     


4. The Vendor reserve the right not to ship to Russia and to post-office boxes.

5. The payment for the ordered goods as well as the flat rate cots for shipping and packaging have to be exclusively made via “Paypal”.



Warranty, Guarantee

1. The Vendor is liable for defects as to quality under the German statutory rules in especially sections 434 ff BGB. The Seller’s warranties lapse after 12 months if the Client is an entrepreneur. If the customer is a merchant or trader and the procurement of goods is an integral part of his trading activities, the duties of inspection and inspection as specified in Section 377 of the German Commercial Code (HGB) apply.

2. An additional guarantee is only granted if this is explicitly stated in the written acknowledgement of order for the item in question.


§ 7


1. Damage claims of the Client are excluded. This does not apply for damage claims resulting from injury to life, body or death or essential contractual duties (cardinal duties) as well as the liability for other damages that are based on intentional or grossly negligent violation of duties by the Vendor, its statutory representatives or its vicarious agents. Cardinal duties are duties that are necessary to fulfill the purpose of the contract.

2. The Vendor is liable only for damages that are predictable and typical for the type of contract as long as it was caused by slight negligence. This does not apply for damage claims of the Clients which result from injury to life, body or death.

3. The limitations of subparagraphs 1 and 2 also apply for the benefit of the statutory representatives and vicarious agents if they are been hold liable directly by the Client.

4. The rules set out in the German Product Liability Act (Produkthaftungsgesetz) remain enforceable and are not affected by these terms and conditions.


§ 8

Revocation, Cautioning and Consequences

 The following cautioning and admonition applies for Clients who are customers in the meaning of section 13 BGB only. (Endconsumer)


The right to revoke

You may revoke your contractual declaration within 14 days without further cause in textual form in the meaning of section 126 b BGB (e.g. e-mail, telefax, letter) or by sending the ordered and delivered item back to the Vendor.

The above-mentioned grace period of 14 days commences upon receipt of this cancelation policy, but in no event before the recipient has received the ordered goods (in case of several reoccurring shipments no earlier than the first shipment has been received).The grace period also does not commence  before we have fulfilled our informational obligations arising out of Article 246 section 2 in conjunction with section 1 subparagraph 1 and 2 EGBGB. Timely dispatch of the revocation notice or the goods is sufficient to comply with the above mentioned revocation deadline.


Revocations should be send to

Northwest United 
GmbH & Co KG
c/o Syslink
Parkstraße 31
40477 Düsseldorf

E-Mail: sales@northwestunited.de


Consequences of the revocation

 In the event of a valid revocation, products or services received by both parties must be returned and any benefit accrued (e.g. interest) surrendered.

 If the product or service is not returned to us or is only returned in part or in deteriorated condition, we must be compensated accordingly.

 You only have to pay compensation for the deterioration and the accrued benefits if the deterioration or use and enjoyment is caused by an action that exceeds the examination of the functionality and the attributes of the item. “Examination of the functionality and attributes” in this regard is to be understood as testing and checking out the items as it would be possible and common in a regular store. You can also avoid any obligation to pay compensation by not using the item as your own property and refraining from anything that impairs its value. Items that can be sent by parcel must be returned on your costs and risk. You must fulfill any obligations related to the reimbursement of payments within 30 days of submitting your note of revocation. The grace period of 30 days to reimburse you begins with the receipt of your revocation notice or reception of the item.


§ 9

Data Processing/ Data Protection

The Vendor processes personal data that clients disclose to it in compliance with valid data protection regulations. The vendor especially acts in compliance with regulations set out in the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) and the German Telesevices Act (Telemediengesetz). Without the Client’s prior consent the Vendor will only collect personal data as required to manage the contract relationship to the Client. This includes the handling of the contractual relationship and the invoicing. 

§ 10

Intellectual Property Rights

All logos, photographs and other images that appear on the www.dunderdon.se website are trademarked and copyrighted. If Northwest United’s prior written consent has not been obtained, any use, in particular the unauthorized downloading of images, is prohibited and will be subject to civil and criminal prosecution.


§ 11

Applicable Law

The contracts between the Vendor and the Client are exclusively governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany excluding the regulations of the CISG.


§ 12

Place of Jurisdiction

1. If the Client is an entrepreneur our place of business shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction; nevertheless we are also entitled to sue the Client at its place of business. Otherwise the statutory provisions shall apply.

2. If the Client moves his general place of jurisdiction out of the Federal Republic of Germany after the contract has been concluded our general place of business shall be the place of jurisdiction. The same shall apply if the general place of jurisdiction or his habitual residence is unknown at the time of commencement of proceedings. 



In case any provision of the contract is or becomes void or unfeasible the validity of the remaining contract shall not be affected. Statutory provisions shall replace the void or unfeasible provision. If applying statutory regulations for the void or unfeasible provision should place undue hardship on any party to the contract the contract shall be void in general.


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